American Ginseng and Lotus Seed with Snow Fungus Stew

Ingredients: (for 3-4 persons)
American ginseng slices – 1 tael
Snow fungus – 1 1/2 taels
Lotus seed – 4 maces
Rock sugar – adequate

1) Wash the ingredients thoroughly.
2) Clean the snow fungus and soak with fresh water until it becomes tender.
3) Put all the ingredients into a stewing mug and add 8-10 bowls of water*, stew for 3-4 hrs.*, add rock sugar before serving.
*The quantity of water depends on personal preference.
*The length of time depends on the capability of the stewing pot.

Nourish the body and ‘qi’, enrich saliva to moisten the throat, nourish the lung to stop coughing