Crocodile Meat and Cordyceps with Yam and Chinese Wolfberry Soup

Dried crocodile meat – 1 tael 
Cordyceps – 2 maces
Yam – 1 tael 
Chinese wolfberry – 4 maces
Dried longan pulp – 4 maces 
Lean pork – 8 taels
Dried citrus peel – adequate 
Ginger slice – adequate
Salt – adequate

1) Wash dried crocodile meat thoroughly and soak with clean water to make the meat become tender.
2) Blanch the lean pork and drain.
3) Wash the other ingredients thoroughly.
4) Boil about 10-12 bowls* of water. Add in all the ingredients when the water is boiled and continue to cook for another 10 min., then turn to low heat and cook for 2-3 hrs.*  Add salt before serving.
* The quantity of water depends on personal preference.
* The length of time depends on the capability of the cook pot.

A nourishing tonic, good for nourishing lung and kidney, regulating ‘qi’ and replenishing heart, liver, spleen, lung and kidney.