Fish Maw Stewed with Fresh Milk

ngredients (for 1 person): 
Fish maw king – 1 tael (can be other fish maw class)
Fresh milk – 1 bottle
Red dates – 3 pieces
Rock sugar – adequate

1) Soak fish maw king as follows:
- Soak fish maw in fresh water for 2 days and 2 nights* until it becomes tender and its gel content gets softened. Refresh water from time to time and rinse with cool water each time before refreshing water to eliminate its fishy smell.
- Put ginger and shallot into a pot of fresh water and boil. Turn off the heat after the water is boiled.
- Put the soaked fish maw into the pot and tightly covered with the lid (baking)*. Wait until the water cools down (pour in boiled water again, repeat 1 – 2 times).
- Take out the fish maw and rinse with clean water; it’s now ready for cooking.
*The length of soaking time and the number of baking action depend on the size and thickness of the fish maw.
2) Remove the pits from red dates and wash thoroughly.
3) Put all the ingredients into the stewing mug and stew for 3-4 hrs.*, add rock sugar before serving.
*The length of stewing time depends on the capability of the stewing pot.

1) Soothe sleeplessness and annoyance, nourish skin.
2) This soup is suitable for the health care of pregnant women before giving birth. It helps healthy growth of fetus.