Cordyceps & Imperial Bird’s Nest Stew

Bird’s Nest – 2 taels; 
Cordyceps – l/2 tael;
Red dates – 4 pieces;
Lean Pork – 3 taels;
Fine salt – a little

1) Soak bird’s nest with clean water, wash thoroughly, drain and set aside.
2) Wash cordyceps thoroughly, wash red date thoroughly and remove its pit; blanch lean pork and wash thoroughly.
3) Put cordyceps, red date and lean pork into a stewing mug, pour in 6 bowls of water, stew with medium heat for 3 hrs., add soaked bird’s nest and stew for another 30 min. with low heat. Add salt before serving.

1) Cordyceps nourishes lung and kidney, stops coughing and soothe breathing problems.
2) This soup restores ‘qi’, invigorates spleen, replenishes blood, tranquilizes by nourishing the heart, nourishes ‘yin’ and lung.