Crocodile Meat and Fish Maw with Chuanbei Soup

Dried crocodile meat – 1.5 tael 
Fish maw – 3 taels
Chuanbei – 3 maces 
Nanxing/beixing – 5 maces
Yam – 5 maces 
Preserved red dates – 3 pieces
Dried citrus peel – a little 
Ginger (peeled) – 2 slices
Lean pork – 10 taels

1) Blanch the lean pork and set aside. Wash dried citrus peel thoroughly after removing its pulp and set aside. Wash the other ingredients thoroughly and set aside.
2) Soak fish maw and cut into small pieces afterwards. Blanch together with ginger slices and set aside.
3) Put dried citrus peel into the pot containing 12 bowls of water and boiled for 2 min. Add all the ingredients and cook with low heat for about 2 hrs.
4) Add salt before serving.

Moisturize lung and stop coughing, replenish lung and vital energy. The adding of Chuanbei makes it more effective.