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Abalone and Chicken Congee

Ingredients: (for 3-4 persons)
Canned abalone – 1 can
Chicken – 1
Rice – 2 bowls
Ginger slice – adequate
Shallot segments– adequate
Salt – adequate

1) Cut abalone into slices or shreds, set aside.
2) Cut chicken into pieces after removal of its skin, blanch and drain.
3) Wash the rice.
4) Cut ginger slice into shreds.
5) Put the chicken pieces and rice into a pot and add adequate water to make congee. Add adequate salt for the taste.
6) Place adequate abalone slices and ginger shreds in a bowl and pour in hot congee, add shallot segments and the congee is ready for serving.
* The length of cooking time depends on the capability of the cook pot.

Nourish ‘yin’ and soothe the liver. It is an ideal food for preserving health.