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Cordyceps and Silkie Stew

Ingredients: (for 3-4 persons)
Cordyceps – 3 maces 
Cordyceps – 4 maces 
Silkie – 1
Ginger slice– adequate; 
Salt – adequate

1) Remove internal organs of silkie, wash thoroughly and slice.
2) Wash cordyceps thoroughly.
3) Put all the ingredients into a stewing mug and add 8-10 bowls of water, stew 3-4 hrs*, add salt before serving.
*The quantity of water added depends on personal preference.
*The length of stewing time depends on the capability of the stewing pot.

Nourish the body and replenish blood, especially good for healing bronchial asthma, chronic trachitis due to old-age, coughing due to weakness, phlegmy, sleepless due to coughing.